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Techniques of Taekwon-Do

Grandmaster General Choi Hong Hi's Legacy

Taekwon-Do has more than 3,000 fundamental movements and has 24 ITF patterns (Tul) which represent 24hours, one day or all my life. Each pattern (Tul) movements and the diagrammatic symbol are named and derived from heroic figures in Korean history or instances relating to historical events.


The fundamental techniques of Taekwon-Do are:

  • Hand & foot techniques

  • Stances

  • Self-defence techniques against knife, choking, punching, kicking and grapping

Step & Foot Sparring

It is a prearranged sparing between two players as they agree on the rules and the number of steps to be taken, the target to attack and to used which correct tool (fist or foot). No contact as the purpose of Step or Foot Sparing is to develop control between two players. Step Sparring consist of 1, 2 or 3-step.


Free Sparring

There are no steps or prearranged movements; it consist of open combat between two or more players with controlled attacks using all available methods and techniques to execute.


Free sparring is based on accuracy, speed, timing, distance, and quality of technique. Balance, blocking and foot work skills, and attitude are also very important.


Each player is free to move and attack; it encourages the development of strategies for attack and defence. Since free sparring is practiced as a non-stop fight that may consist of one, two or three rounds, being in top physical condition is very important.


Breaking Techniques

To instill focus, accuracy, balance and use the right body weight and momentum. The aim of breaking is to allow the student to develop confidence. Breaking provides the student to understand and master the techniques to allow him or her to produce maximum power.


Special Techniques

Special techniques are to combine athletic performance with perfect execution of techniques. These techniques include flying techniques and can be spectacular. Height and distance of movements are emphasized.



Personalized classes, workshops and seminars are offered. Please call to check for availability of classes.

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