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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I go about enroll myself into Taekwon-Do Class?

    Ans: ​Please contact us for further information.

  2. Do I need to be very fit to join Taekwon-Do program?

    Ans: No, you don't. It is SG Taekwon-Do School's mission to get you into shape, both physically and mentally. No matter what your present level of physical fitness is, our classes are flexible and designed to adapt to your level of fitness and pace.

  3. What are the benefits of practicing Taekwon-Do?

    Ans: It trains to co-ordinate the fists, legs, body and mind. Therefore it improves your body movement co-ordination, flexibility, strength and stamina. It enables you to defend yourself from sudden attacks and encountering with punch, kicks, locking and throwing techniques. It is not only practical; it also provides a great workout. It is an easy way to burn fat and develops lean muscles. Punching and Kicking is great for the abs, buns, thighs, back, arms, shoulders and it increases your cardiovascular endurance. It is also a wonderful way to relieve stress. There is nothing more satisfying than punching and kicking and have fun working out at the same time to release all the stress built up during the day. You get the best of both worlds. A perfect full-body workout!

  4. What can I expect from a class?

    Ans: The Classes at SG Taekwon-Do School follows a uniquely designed format and syllabus. Usually an hour and half long, each session starts with an invigorating warm-up and stretching techniques. Individual syllabus and techniques are then taught and practiced. The main component of the lesson begins with kicking and punching movements, concentrating not only on power, but accuracy and speed. Patterns 'Tuls' or locking and throwing are being taught individually. Classes generally wind down with a non-contact sparring or exercise.

  5. What are the sizes of the classes conducted?

    Ans: We will keep our class sizes small in order to provide maximize attention to all students. SG Taekwon-Do School programs are well structured and students should have loads of fun keeping fit.

  6. How much does it cost to train Taekwon-Do class?

    Ans: You are required to pay a one-time enrollment fees & monthly training fees. Please contact us for further information.

  7. Can I come and watch the class to see if it suits me?

    Ans: It would be our honor to have you come for a free trial lesson instead. There is no obligation when you come for your free trial lesson. Seeing may be believing, but doing it will help you to decide better.


  8. What will I need to prepare for the training?

    Ans: For your free trial lesson, please wear track pants and T-shirt. No shoes are required as you will be training bare footed. Once you decided to enroll, you will be required to pay enrollment fees & Training fees. We will advise you further once you have enrolled into our class.

  9. How can I apply for a free trial lesson?

    Ans: Please call us or register for your free trial lesson online so that we can assist you for the date available for free trail. Applicants aged 12 and below must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

  10. Are there different classes cater for children/ women/ beginners only?

    Ans: We have different Taekwon-Do classes. Please see the Class Schedules for further information.

  11. Is Taekwon-Do suitable for children?

    Ans: Yes, it is designed to suit adults as well as children too. It trains their minds to focus and develop a healthy lifestyle at a young age. At SG Taekwon-Do School, we have train kids from ages 4 and up. We also believe in working hand in hand with parents to discover their children's potential and weakness.

  12. Do you offer private lessons as well?

    Ans: Yes, we do. Please contact us for further information

  13. How long will it take for me to be proficient and attain a black belt for Taekwon-Do?

    Ans: It all depends on you. If you want to take it easy, you may take as long as you want. If you are ambitious, you can become "proficient and well-versed" in a very short time. Normally, within few months of regular training you will notice changes in you. There will be sets of syllabus for the students to learn and follow till attain a black belt in Taekwon-Do. Every level of grading passed; students will learn another new set of syllabus for the next grading. All beginners will begin from white belts; you will be taught and guided throughout every syllabus to prepare you for your grading. Grading for Black belts and Colour belts will be inform or invited by the Chief Instructor for the grading, once you have learn all the components of the syllabus and most importantly Discipline and Character will play a part for the invitation.

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