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Dear Friends,


We would like to share the story and journey of the Fantoms family! We hope you can support their cause!

Since arriving in Singapore in 2011, the Fantoms (Stephen, Katie, Archie & Esme) have been enthusiastic and loyal members of the SG Taekwon-Do School. Currently, Archie is a flourishing Junior black-belt, Stephen and Esme are enjoying the journey through the colour belts, and Katie watches on - supporting every endeavour from the sidelines. The Fantom’s friends and mentors at SG Taekwon-Do School are part of a bigger, happier story of their time here in Singapore. However, the Fantoms have not always enjoyed such joyous times.


Ten years ago on the 2 January 2008, Katie and Stephen lost their second child at 39 weeks to a rare pregnancy condition called Velamentous Insertion. The days and weeks that followed were a mist of grief, despair, courage and resolve. Katie was incredible, friends rallied and their parents held the couple close as they steered through uncharted waters.

Katie and Stephen’s lighthouse through these life-altering events, was the Silver Star Society (Fund 0347) at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford in the UK The incredible professionalism, compassion, and commitment of every member staff captained their ship out of the terrible storm and helped them to start rebuilding their lives.

To honour Baby Fantom's 10th anniversary, Katie and Stephen will spend 2018 walking (Katie) and running (Stephen) the equivalent of a marathon a week for the equivalent of 10 months (44 weeks) to raise as much money as possible of the Silver Star Society. They are also running in the 2018 Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon in December alongside colleagues and friends from St Joseph’s Institution International.

Running a marathon a week is a challenge no matter where in the world you are doing it but Stephen is completing the challenge in temperatures of 32 degrees, with humidity of around 80%. Walking a marathon in the Singapore heat is no mean feat either, especially when working full-time and being a Mum to Archie and Esme. By the end of their challenge, together, Katie and Stephen would have completed over 3700 km, enough to walk from London to Istanbul!!


To date, they have raised over S$9,000 but the target is S$18,000. However, the equipment needed to support mothers with medical complications during pregnancy is very expensive, so to go beyond this target would make a real impact.

The Fantom’s would love to reach this target for Silver Star but if they are lucky enough to raise more they would like to support those in Singapore by making a donation to Child Bereavement Support - a Singapore charity offering support to those that have experienced a stillbirth


Katie and Stephen are also keeping a TenSqaured facebook page/blog tracking the challenge, so please keep following them both at If you feel you would like to donate to the TenSquared challenge, please visit our UK JustGiving site and donate. This can be done in SGDs. Alternatively, if you would like to approach the organisers of SG Taekwon-Do School and offer a cash donation this would also be very much appreciated - we can provide receipt of payment if required.


Also, please visit and to connect with the amazing people who refilled our sails.

Thank you in advance for all your support. We are blessed with so much and hope that our endeavour can support other Mums, Dads and families when they need it the most.

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