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SG Taekwon-Do School

Welcome to SG Taekwon-Do School, we teaches the International Taekwon-Do Federation, ITF style based on our late Grandmaster General Choi Hong Hi's legacy under the guidance of Grandmaster Hwang Kwang Sung, K-9-1 of Unified Taekwon-Do.


SG Taekwon-Do School aims to offer everyone, young and old, with knowledge of Taekwon-Do. In today's society, this skill allows an effective avenue for the practitioner to maintain physical fitness as well as mental discipline and control.


It is simple, fun and easy to learn, combing self-defence with fitness.


Studies have shown that children learning Taekwon-Do will strengthen their mind, body and soul. They develop confidence, discipline, self-control, self-esteem and awareness of surroundings. This enables them to focus and respond to any situation at any time.


As for Adults, Taekwon-Do is also an form of exercise program. Getting you into proper shape and fitness as well as relieving stress after a hard day at work. These capabilities will impact your life, health and career. Increasing your confidence levels and self-esteem improves the quality of your life.


Come and join our fun and on-going Taekwon-Do classes. Be part of our self-development team which helps to promote greater benefits. You can achieve your success sooner, it's your life; it's your choice. Take ownership and be responsible of your own health and safety!

2023 up coming Events
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